Rachel, a paralegal at Bleeker Family Law, has over 23 years of experience supporting the Lowcountry in the legal field. Since 2012, she has proven her loyalty to the firm as well as our clients. 

Rachel’s intensity and stamina put her in a position to work closely with attorneys on contested litigation matters.  Her ability to articulate in drafting pleadings, her gift in communication with clients by understanding their needs, and the structure and organization she brings to assisting in day-to-day performance, exceed expectations. She enjoys the challenge of analyzing issues, identifying the issue, and finding solutions. She takes ownership of her responsibilities and is committed to the success of the firm and those on our team.

In her spare time, family has always come first, lending to her natural ability to understand our client’s requests. She may be learning a new line dance, redecorating the home, or out boating, but in any circumstance, her passion for loved ones and ability to take on complexity is evident.

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