Though relatively simple for most couples, determining child support can become more complicated for those in high-income cases. When you and your ex each have substantial salaries, how much child support is enough?

How is child support determined?

Under South Carolina law, child support payments are traditionally based upon the pro-rata share of the separated parents’ monthly income.

For example, a couple seeking has a combined monthly income of $5,000 with a court-ordered monthly child support total of $1,000. Parent A’s monthly income is $1,000 (20% of the combined total), and Parent B’s monthly income is $4,000 (80% of the combined total). In this case, Parent A’s monthly contribution would be 20% of the court-ordered support or $200, while Parent B’s contribution would be 80% or $800 per month.

Monthly support totals are typically based upon the combined parental gross income to determine an amount that would provide an appropriate lifestyle for the child. 

Influential factors may include:

  • Salary or wages
  • Bonuses and commissions
  • Custody arrangements
  • Total number of children
  • And more

Unfortunately, the guidelines provided by South Carolina law can only be applied to cases up to a certain income level.

When does a case become high-income?

The South Carolina Child Support Guidelines are only applicable to cases where the parents’ combined income meets or falls below $30,000 per month or $360,000 annually. Cases exceeding these figures are labeled as “high-income” cases.

For high income cases, child support can be extrapolated based on the guidelines.  But, there are no set rules for calculating support in high income cases.  Decisions are made on a “case-by-case” basis, which means creative arguments may be useful. 

Preparation is key for high-income child support cases. Parties will want to establish the historical cost to rear their children and the projected cost to continue providing for their lifestyle.

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