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If you need a Certified Family Court mediator in Charleston or anywhere in South Carolina, Bleecker Family Law is a wise choice. Since 1997, Anne Frances Bleecker and her team have been the choice of many satisfied parties who chose to use a mediator to help settle their family law issues, from prenuptial matters to post-judgement modifications. Ms. Bleecker and attorney Sue Chang know South Carolina family law. Moreover, they have the wisdom, sensitivity, and passion necessary to conduct a professional mediation session that is fair to all parties. Ms. Bleecker and Ms. Chang are available to mediate your family law case anywhere in South Carolina.


The use of arbitration as a means to settle Family Court matters is on the rise. An arbitrator is a neutral third party whom the parties select to make a decision in their case.  Anne Frances Bleecker is a certified arbitrator who knows South Carolina law.  With decades of experience in the Family Court as a litigator, mediator, and arbitrator she knows the importance of giving the parties a full and fair hearing and issuing a timely opinion.  Ms. Bleecker is available to arbitrate a case anywhere in South Carolina.

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“You are a great mediator. Frank “Allen”, Cassie and I were impressed with the influence you managed with the most impossible situation. Michael was not going to be reasonable regardless of how well the matter was handled. Thank you for working with us. We don’t believe anyone could have done better.” – Wendy, client

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