In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, Bleecker Family Law would like to highlight the importance of legal representation for South Carolina’s Hispanic community. Family law issues may impact anyone – from construction workers to business owners. Having representation to resolve family court issues will help you obtain a fair outcome for you and your family.

Here is some information about the role lawyers play in the community and some of the issues a family law attorney can resolve.

The Role of the Lawyer

Many members of the Hispanic community have family members who immigrated from countries that use a civil law system. Lawyers play a different role in civil law countries than they do in common law countries like the United States.  As a result, many Hispanic families do not appreciate the importance of having a lawyer when they face legal issues.

Under the common law system, a lawyer acts as both advisor and advocate. Rather than relying on courts to uncover evidence as in a civil law system, lawyers in common law countries gather evidence and present it to a judge or jury. Having a trained attorney argue in support of your case can make a huge difference in contested matters like a divorce.

Lawyers also serve a different role in uncontested, administrative proceedings. In civil law countries, you might hire a legal clerk to prepare documents for adoption or a name change. But in the United States, a family law attorney should represent you in these types of matters to ensure you satisfy all the legal requirements.

Family Law Services for the Hispanic Community

Some legal issues that fall under a family law attorney’s area of practice include:


Divorce dissolves a marriage.  As part of the process of divorcing couples need also to resolve child custody and visitation, child support, property division, and alimony. Whether you divorce amicably through mediation or contest every part of the divorce, a family lawyer has the experience to make sure you get a fair outcome.

Child Custody

Complicated custody issues can also arise in other life situations besides divorce. When a relative passes away or cannot care for their children, you can engage a family lawyer to help you gain temporary or permanent child custody. The family law attorney will work with the guardian ad litem and the court to provide the children with a stable living situation.


Family law can also bring joy to your life. Family lawyers can guide you through the process of adopting a child and file the mandatory paperwork with the court to finalize an adoption.

Prenuptial Agreement

No one wants a divorce or legal separation but, in many cases, you should plan for one. A prenup can help smooth the path through a divorce by setting out a plan before the marriage. They are particularly helpful for small business owners who are about to get married.

Bleecker Family Law understands the needs of the Hispanic community and has a deep commitment to helping its members. We provide a variety of legal services for the Hispanic community and have Spanish-speaking staff and lawyers. From our receptionist to family law attorneys like Sue Chang, we will be able to communicate with you in the language that makes you most comfortable.

To discuss your family law matters with an experienced Spanish-speaking lawyer, contact Bleecker Family Law for a consultation.