Orders of Protection for Attorneys

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In any client/attorney relationship, it is important to know how to access each other throughout the litigation to ensure that an open channel of communication is available. A frequent source of confusion comes from “Orders of Protection”, the way attorneys request time off for extended periods, including vacation, medical leave, or other personal situations. Attorneys [...]

Child Support Guidelines

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When parents go through legal separation or divorce, families are forced to find new ways to function. This includes allocating parenting time, as well as determining who has to pay for what. In some cases, parents can come up with agreements on their own, but there are also instances in which the court must decide. [...]

LGBTQ Family Law Services

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Family structures have changed dramatically in the last several decades. Now, households are managed by single parents or same-sex couples and include blended families who may have siblings, half-siblings, step-siblings, and/or adopted children. While same-sex marriage was only recently legalized at the federal level, the truth is that LGBTQ couples face many of the same [...]

Custody & Visitation Rights

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We know going through separation or divorce can be hard. Trying to split one household into two while creating an equitable distribution of assets, it can be tough to manage the emotional strain of dissolving a relationship.  If you and your partner share children everything gets exponentially harder. When parents separate, they must consider issues [...]

De Facto Custodian vs. Psychological Parent: What’s the Difference?

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In South Carolina, family courts operate under the presumption that it is in a child’s best interests to remain in the custody of their natural parents unless it can be proven otherwise. That said, there might be cases in which a non-parent can seek legal custody of a child, especially if the child’s natural parents [...]

Local Multi-Cultural Partnership Draws Awareness for Sexual Assault Prevention

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CHARLESTON, SC – (04/5/2021) Over lunch, media executives LaDonna Andrews of Kirkman Broadcasting and Vanessa Gongora of Norsan Media discussed the strong intersection of social issues that affect both Black and Brown communities disproportionately in the Lowcountry. Both women decided there was more they could do to support the local nonprofits that serve their communities [...]


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What is a QDRO? QDRO stands for “Qualified Domestic Relations Order” and it is the Order that is used to divide certain retirement accounts. When do I need a QDRO? Not all retirement accounts require a QDRO for division. For instance, IRA accounts can be divided without a QDRO while 401(k) accounts require a QDRO [...]

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